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Play Den was founded by two sisters who love to play, connect and have fun. They realized that in order to play, the level of communication and consensual practices needed to be up leveled in order to leave everyone feeling happy and supported. Roxanne is the creative visionary and Melinda is the sexy techie behind the scenes. Together they are the perfect creative and analytical ingredients to empower people to come alive in their own unique way. 

In their journey of celebrating 'No's, reframing rejection and welcoming eroticism, they met Justin. Justin not only naturally embodies the three C’s of Play Den, Communication, Consent and Connection, but also brings his advanced tech skills and experience to the team. Together this triad is on a mission to create a safe place to experience all the naughty things you were too afraid to ask about and to celebrate sexuality, sensuality and kink. Through radical communication and crystal clear consent, they show you how to experience mind blowing connection anywhere, anytime with your partners and yourself.

The Team
Roxanne DePalma has over 20 years experience in the field of Sex Education and Holistic Health. She is a Kink Educator, Sex/Relationship Coach, Pole Dance Instructor, Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Yoga Instructor, Tantric Practitioner and Communication Expert. 

She has been educating the world since 1998 and demonstrating an alternative way of living and thriving. She also made multiple guest appearances in the Showtime hit ‘Polyamory, Married and Dating’ and changes lives all over the world. 

Roxanne creates an environment of safety and permission which allows people to normalize and integrate the sacred and the profane. She is devoted to the evolution, happiness and pleasure of all.
Roxanne DePalma
CEO, Co-Founder
Melinda has over 15 years experience of working with technology to create efficient systems using automation. She has created businesses, managed teams and has proven leadership. Making data driven decisions to increase efficiencies is her speciality. 

Play Den’s mission personally resonates with her as she comes from a long family history of sexual abuse and shame. Being able to take her tech skills to help empower people to find their voice to powerfully communicate clearly and only experience what they are a "hell yes” to wakes her up each morning. 

Her goal is to reframe the global conversation around sex, 10x our communication skills and share the world of kinky possibilities.
COO, Co-Founder
Justin received his first computer when he was 5 years old and has been developing with technology since. His area of expertise is with integrated tech, system design and architecture. He is the heavy hitter you want for creative complex technical goals. He also plays the piano, cello, guitar and sings.

His personal development journey began in Texas over 10 years ago which ultimately led him to move to San DIego, California in 2016 where he met Roxanne and Melinda. His is a deeply sociable and interpersonal techie, who actively practices the principles of Communication, Consent, and Connection. 

Justin embodies the essence of Play Den and he prides himself in having people feel safe, supported, honored and respected in his relationships.
Justin Olguin
We lovingly serve YOU by living these core values: 
 H - We believe HAPPINESS is a choice. 
 A - We encourage you to come ALIVE in your own unique way. 
 P - We are PROUD of who we are, what we do & how we do it. 
 P - We provide a PLAYFUL space.
 I -  We operate with INTEGRITY.
 N - NOs are celebrated and encouraged.
 E - EROTICISM is welcome.
 S - SAFTEY first, we uphold a safe & supportive environment.
 S - SEXUALITY, sensuality & kink are celebrated.
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